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Hi! I'm Ema (he/him), and this is my world! I'm an italian guy with too many hobbies, this site is a sort of cozy/digital museum of all the things that i have done, enjoy your stay!

i love programming! Even if i'm not good enough to hack the gate,
i enjoy modding games and doing silly programs.
A few years ago i joined the Celeste* modding community, and made some of the worst maps and entities gamebanana has yet to offer... *(a videogame you MUST play to be my friend)

some stuff i made:

i also love painting and sculpting silly miniatures. My hands are very shaky, and painting 3d sculptures is way easier for me than drawing 2d images!
those three are called bugman, corpse snatcher and longface. They were my first sculpture, kitbash (a mix of toys, epoxy resin and random things glued together) and mold/cast, respectively.
every cryptid has its own story and quirks, click HERE to discover the other ones!
i'm not really trying to sell them, but if you really like one contact me and i'll see what i can do...
...or if you want to be lore dumped, that's cool too! feel free to use them in your adventures!

as i said before, i'm not very good at drawing, but it's fun, so who cares! I use a One by Wacom to access the mighty power of the ctrl-z, else i would be forced to repeat my mistakes over and over again...
i like to draw stylized eyes with too many decorations, bones and skulls...
if you want to see the rest of my drawings, click HERE
btw, this cat isn't mine, one day i just stumbled upon it, lost a staring contest (it was so menacing!), fell in love and decided to draw it as penance...

btw if you have too much free time, i made a blog where i talk about my hobbies, games and stuff i like! I also made some guides* with complete beginners in mind, if you want to sculpt, kitbash or paint your first miniature!
click HERE to enter the blog!

WOW! You read all that? You must be a fan of mine!
if you want to contact me for more infos, to buy a mini, to give me money for no reason or because you think i'm a cool guy, here are my contacts! (Please don't flood them with spam or stuff i don't have THAT much free time)

Keep in touch!